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What does your Aura say about you?  What is your Personality Color?
How are your Chakras (Energy Centers) performing?  Do you feel Great?



Hi.  I'm Dr. Linda Khanzetian.  Welcome to my site on aura and chakra readings!  I am happy to make your acquaintance and hope to meet you in the near future. 

I am a naturopathic doctor and have been working in the natural health field since 2002.  I  have been doing energy work since I became a REIKI Master in 1998.  My journey has led me to experiment with all things holistic and healing for myself and others. 

You can also check out my  alternativesolutionsforhealth website by clicking the Learn More button below.  Get in contact with me today and get ready to make some healthy changes!



"To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom." 

Come find out the current state of your aura and chakras.  This real-time biofeedback data can show you how balanced your energy levels are; the current energetic output of your chakras; your relaxation level.  You will gain tremendous insight into your most basic attributes, needs, thoughts, and desires - arming you with critical information that will allow you to make dramatic improvements in your life faster and more effectively than you ever thought possible.  Contact me today to get started on your own journey!



What They’re Saying

I pride myself on my excellent services and the ability to deliver impeccable results. If you want to get an idea of the experiences that my past clients have had, I recommend you take a look at the testimonials below. My clients trust me and have experienced the benefits of working with me. Contact me today and join my satisfied client list.


"Dr. Linda is an informative doctor.  She helped me with nutrition and natural medicines.  She has also helped me with my skin issues and fatigue.  If you need a natural doctor, she is the one for you!"

Debra B.


An Improved You Awaits

In addition to the aura chakra readings, I offer aura clearings and several types of chakra balancing. 
Take a look at my services below, and get in touch today.

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$45.00  and $75.00

These sessions provide insight and answers to why your life is the way it is.  For $45 you will get a 15 minute session to discuss your aura and chakra colors and ask questions.  For $75 you will be provided a 30 minute session and  an in-depth report that will be emailed to you.  Call or email today for your appointment.



Get back to your balanced self with a chakra balance.  Choose between balancing with crystals, REIKI energy, or crystal pendulum.  Get in touch with me today to see what I can do for you.



My aura clearing is a hands-on procedure that sends energy up through your body clearing out any energy blockages along the way.  Curious to learn more? Get in touch with me to see how you can benefit from working with me today.


"The whole universe is change and life itself is but what you deem it"

Marcus Aurelius



Are you looking for answers, or perhaps would like to receive a confirmation your life is on the right track? Whatever the reason, you've come to the right place. 

Contact me today and let your healing begin.

11806 Old Drovers Way
Rockville, Maryland